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strength and function,


to daily activities, work, and sports.

Custom Fitness Rehabilitation is a freestanding Physical Therapy facility in Guam.

We aim to improve the function and quality of life for our patients by identifying and treating the origin of pain (not just the symptoms) for each client and provide each patient with individualized therapeutic exercise programs.

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Empower Your Recovery at Custom Fitness Rehabilitation

Guam's Leading Physical Therapy Facility

Located in Guam, Custom Fitness Rehabilitation is a stand-alone physical therapy clinic committed to enhancing your quality of life and optimizing your physical function. With a team of two dedicated physical therapists, we pride ourselves in offering personalized, high-quality care to our valued patients.

Our approach is tailored to your unique needs - we begin by evaluating your condition in-depth, from which we design a bespoke treatment plan. These plans integrate patient education, therapeutic exercise prescription, neuromuscular rehabilitation, and manual therapy, to provide a comprehensive healing journey. Our ultimate goal is to empower you, helping you understand your body better and guiding you throughout a treatment plan that aligns with your lifestyle.

At Custom Fitness Rehabilitation, we stand by you on your path to recovery. Whether you're healing from an injury, regaining strength and function, or preparing to return to work, daily activities, or sports, we're here to support and accelerate your recovery. Experience the transformative power of professional, compassionate physical therapy - your journey towards renewed strength starts here.

Custom Fitness Physical Therapy Services:
General Orthopedics Rehabilitation
Sports Rehabilitation & Performance
Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
Pre & Post-operative Care
Workman’s Compensation, Hardening, & Ergonomics
Gait Analysis & Fall Risk Reduction
Functional Movement Screens
Peripartum Exercise (Pregnancy, Early Parenthood)
Group Exercise Instruction
Personal Training
Online Exercise Programming
Patient Education & Community Outreach
Common Conditions Treated:
Neuromusculoskeletal issues
Musculoskeletal Pain
Muscle Strains, Ruptures, Repairs
Ligament Sprains, Ruptures, Repairs,  and Reconstruction
Tendonitis/Tendonopathies, Tendon Repairs
Joint Replacements
Surgical Fusions and Fixations
Labral, Meniscal, and Cartilaginous Debridement, Repairs
Bowel & Bladder Incontinence
Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Why People Love
Custom Fitness Rehabilitation

Olivia, 30

After giving birth to my second son, as most moms can attest to, my bladder control really changed. After learning more about what pelvic floor PT focuses on, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Ada. As a nurse and an athlete my cure for anything weak was always to strengthen those particular muscles. After multiple sessions of pelvic floor PT I was able to further understand how to directly improve pelvic floor strength and gain control over the mental components of bladder urgency and continence. I really enjoyed the exercises and learning the new techniques for addressing the problems I once thought were permanently damaged due to pregnancy.

John, 32

As a new father, back pain was a constant struggle. Thanks to the expert team at Custom Fitness Guam's Physical Therapy Clinic, I've not only rehabilitated my back but also learned how to maintain my fitness to prevent future injuries.

Lauren, 24

Recovering from an ACL tear was daunting until I found Custom Fitness Guam. The physical therapists understood my goals as an athlete and helped me recover strength and confidence. Now, I'm back in the gym and feel stronger than ever!

Logan, 42

I’ve been coming to Custom Fitness for Physical therapy since they opened and my quality of life has drastically improved. They’ve helped me with everything from plantar fasciitis, to shoulder impingements, and most recently, a very weak back that just wouldn’t stop aching. I highly recommend Custom Fitness and encourage anyone experiencing pain to give them a call and get evaluated.

Lee P. Webber

As you age it becomes more important than ever to maintain a consistent level of physical conditioning. My wife June and I have found the Custom Fitness Rehabilitation Center and Gym to be the perfect place to not only heal from injuries but to also help us maintain an appropriate level of fitness for our age as we work to maintain our health. Personally, I have found that the care and guidance I have received following shoulder surgery and other injuries to be a God send in helping my recovery as well as working to maintain a level of fitness that assists me in avoiding further injuries as I continue to stay active in my senior years.

Kristen, 19

CFGPT has been pivotal in allowing me to remain confident in my strength as an athlete. It is reassuring to have very knowledgeable coaches by my side, motivating and guiding me through each workout; I am in great hands. I look forward to every session not only because of the variety of interesting workouts given, but also because the environment is genuinely so uplifting. Having my coaches ask how my day was, essentially establishing a connection with a client, is comforting to me. Overall, CFGPT has immensely helped me grow as an athlete and as a person, enhancing my confidence and strength. I always left every session happier and stronger than when I came in, thank you!

Meet the team!

Meet the Experts Behind Custom Fitness Rehabilitation.

At the heart of our practice are our experienced physical therapists, Dr. Ryan R.M. Claros and Dr. Tasi Ada. Specializing in sports injuries, comprehensive orthopedic care, and sports performance enhancement programs, they bring unparalleled expertise to every patient's journey.

Not just practitioners, Dr. Claros and Dr. Ada also enrich the community as adjunct Professors at the University of Guam School of Health Sciences. Their dedication extends to serving as the go-to physical therapists for multiple national teams and the Guam National Olympic Committee, reflecting their stature in the field.

Our approach is rooted in a strong emphasis on patient education throughout your physical therapy journey. We believe that preventing new or recurring injuries is just as important as treating existing ones. Understanding that the success of physical therapy hinges on your commitment, we provide Home Exercise Programs for you to carry out between appointments, ensuring continuous progress.

Ready to embark on your journey towards improved function and a better quality of life? Partner with us and let us help you achieve your health goals. Contact us today to schedule your appointment with our dedicated team.

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Meet Your Recovery Team

Dr. Ryan Claros
Orthopedics, Sports Rehabilitation, Strength & Conditioning, Sports Enhancement
Dr. Tasi Ada
Orthopedics, Sports Rehabilitation, Pelvic Health, Strength & Conditioning, Powerlifting
Sam King Sablan
President of Operations

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