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CFG Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning training that improves multiple areas of strength and fitness . Our strength and conditioning classes combine weight training, gymnastic elements followed by metabolic conditioning to help build and maintain lean muscle, increase strength, increase metabolism and overall fitness levels. Open to all CFG athletes.

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CFG Barbell

Devoted to Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting  and its strength movements. Sessions focus primarily on practicing and improving technical execution of Olympic-style, Powerlifting, power accessory lifts in front of a coach. For lifters who wish to have personalized programming or need modifications tailored. Open to all CFG members.

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Glute Camp

Group instruction led by our female Physical Therapist certified in Strength & Conditioning. Sessions emphasize free weight strength & conditioning with a focus on glute development. Exercise variations are scalable to accommodate differing training experiences and fitness levels. Sessions are offered in 6 week cycles.

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Custom Fitness Got Metgot Kids

CFG Kids classes are designed to bring out the best in our aspiring athletes in a FUN, NON- COMPETITIVE environment.  We develop strength, fine and gross motor skills, coordination, balance and social skills.  Recommended ages 4-12.

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Gof Metgot Hybrid

CFG Mixed Modal Development is the use of multiple types of movement in training and/or competition. Mixed Modal exercise is superior to single modal exercise for fully developing functional fitness potential in most individuals. Open to all CFG athletes.

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CFG Mixed Modal Development

CFG Mixed Modal Development is the use of multiple types of movement in training and/or competition. Mixed Modal exercise is superior to single modal exercise for fully developing functional fitness potential in most individuals. Open to all CFG athletes.

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CFG Teen Strength & Conditioning

CFG Teens is a strength and conditioning program designed for the teenage athlete looking for a healthy and active lifestyle. Classes combine weightlifting, body weight, and mono-structural components in a structured program. Recommended ages 13-17.

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Real Experiences at Custom Fitness Guam
Mia, 28

I started working out at Custom Fitness in February 2021 with the goal of becoming stronger, then found out I would be welcoming my first child in October of the same year. Once I found out, I had no idea if I could continue at the gym or if my goals would be put on the back burner. Luckily for me, I met Dr. Tåsi Ada. I was given numerous modifications as well as encouragement to continue towards my goals safely until I gave birth. With Dr. Ada’s guidance, I was able to strengthen my pelvic floor with CFPT then integrated into her Glute Camp workshop to slowly transition back into CFG classes.
The CFG community is unmatched. I’m constantly inspired by the community of individuals here who show up for themselves, their families and continue to do the hard work of keeping up with their health and fitness.

Martha, 68

After struggling with mobility issues and constant pain, joining Custom Fitness Guam Gym was a turning point for me. The trainers tailored my workouts to suit my needs, and now I can move freely without pain. It's been a remarkable transformation.

Jake, 17

I joined Custom Fitness Guam Gym to supplement my fitness for high school sports. The functional fitness classes have been a game-changer, enhancing my strength, speed, and endurance like nothing else!

Emily, 22

Never having been to a gym, I was initially intimidated. But at Custom Fitness Guam, I found more than a gym - I found a welcoming community and lifelong friends. It's changed my life and my perception of fitness.

Alex, 35

As a former athlete, I missed the thrill of competition. The challenging classes at Custom Fitness Guam Gym have reignited my competitive spirit. Training with a diverse group of athletes has pushed me to new limits.

David, 42

As a busy professional, exercise is my secret to staying sharp. The classes at Custom Fitness Guam Gym provide me with the perfect balance of challenge and fun, helping me maintain both my physical health and mental edge.

Cabrini, 34

In May of 2020 I was 384 lbs and unsure of how to navigate even starting my health journey. Over the next year, I fractured my left fibula and sprained my left ankle twice. After some physical therapy treatment and starting a meal prep plan with Fit For You Guam, I was ready to find movement that would help me smash my goals. In October of 2021, I decided to join the first Glutes Camp cycle with Dr. Tasi Ada at Custom Fitness. It has been the best and most transformational fitness decision I have ever made! I have attended 6 of the 7 Glutes Camps. I only missed one because I went on a 2 month vacation. Participating in Glutes Camp gave me the supportive gym community that I never knew I needed and the confidence to take on the other classes offered at Custom Fitness. The other members and staff have been so welcoming and encouraging. They make me want to come back to the gym every day. The coaches always help me scale the movements to my ability and never make me feel like my body doesn’t belong in the gym. This was something that I had always been missing. With the support of my fitness family I have lost 130 lbs since 2020 and 60 lbs since my first Glutes Camp cycle. Beyond that, I am physically stronger than I have ever been and found a gym that supports the whole person.

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Billy Chenneaux
General Manager - CFG S&C Coach
Brian "The Captain" Ramiro (Ro-me-ro)
CFG S&C Coach
Coach Matt "Model" Sablan
Nutritional Assistance, CFG S&C Coach
Coach Patrick Dillard
Coach Jerome Artero
CFG Support Team, CFG Teen S&C Coach
Paulis Maximus
Programming Director, CFG Head Coach
Daria Calvo
CFG Gof Metgot Kids Coach
Coach Shaine "Ironman" Munoz
CFG Support Team Support Staff
Ryo Suzuki
CFG Support Team, CFG Teen S&C Coach
Sage Shinohara
CFG Support Team
Uwel Mendiola
CFG Support Team
Zeke "Golden Boi" Cabaccang
CFG Support Team

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